1. Brief

We get information about the client, their products or services, their values and what matters to them (the Communication Strategy is really important here).

2. Inspiration

We highlight key words and get inspired by the client universe with other branding, photos, colours, etc. Then, we draw the first ideas.

3. Creative concepts

Through different creative concepts, we design logos. In this step, we work in black and white only. Then, we show the first drafts to the client. We share about what he likes, or doesn’t like, what he would like to try. The client will chose 2 or 3 logos to develop.

4. Experimentations

From what the client says, we keep experimenting. We develop the selected logos by trying different shapes, colours, fonts. We show the work to the client, he will then chose one logo among all the propositions. The logo isn’t done yet though, so we share about the last details to improve.

5. Final logo

The final logo is designed! We give it to the client in different formats, according to his needs.

6. Graphic charter

A graphic charter include the guidelines explaining the branding characteristics (logos, colors, fonts, symbols, shapes…). The main goal of this document is to assure a visual consistency in every representation, creation and support, no matter who is involved (graphic designer, printer, co-worker…).

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