about the Agency

Salted Limón® is an international Creative Agency that enhances your brand image while giving taste and meaning to your communications.

Whether it is through a communication strategy, a logo, a graphic design, a packaging, a website, a video or all kind of print or digital media, Salted Limón® will add a dash of “je ne sais quoi“ to make all the difference.

“Communication has many meanings: it’s what we say, what we show but also what we perceive."

Lisa, the founder

Lisa has founded the Agency in 2018 with the ambition to become an international agency. Passionate and creative, she wants to bring her expertise to her clients, whoever they are and wherever they are. Thanks to her values, Lisa wants to work for good as well, by supporting charities. To do so, Salted Limón® volunteers and gets involved in non-profit projects and give 10% of its turnover to charities.